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The rate for placing your banner on HERA's website is only $2.00 per day per page. Banners will be placed under the navigation bar on the left of the HERA page or pages. E-mail for page availability. You will receive an invoice statement from the first day your sponsorship banner appears on HERA's website.

Your sponsorship banner will be placed on the left side under the navigation bar--so it can be up to 150 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall and kept to 25 kb or less. Use graphics and/or text of your choice in your banner (though we reserve the right to reject banners for content). No .swfs or animated gifs please.

For billing information contact Marcia Green at mgreen@sfsu.edu.

The Humanities Education and Research Association is offering companies and opportunity to be recognized as a HERA sponsor. This recognition acknowledges your organization's support for HERA's non-profit mission and educational purposes.

The space is shared with other banner sponsorship acknowledgements. HERA reserves the right to refuse offers of sponsorship.

HERA has over 400 members whose interests are in all facets of the Humanities. Our members range from pre-school and K-12 teachers, junior and community college teachers, and teachers in public and private colleges and universities. HERA members are always looking for new approaches to teaching the Humanities in their classrooms. Publishers would be able to reach teachers and provide them with information about textbooks and innovative teaching methods.

Banner Sponsorship Inquiry

Please print and submit the following form. The information requested is for HERA's records only. It will not be part of your banner acknowledgment or shared with others. Your e-mail address is required so we can get in touch with you.

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Please send along a hard copy or layout of your proposed sponsorship banner.

You will be contacted upon acceptance.

Please complete and mail to: HERA, P.O. Box 715, Pacifica, CA 94044-4206

HERA reserves the right to reject any sponsor for any reason.

Contract Terms: Sponsor will indemnify, defend, and hold the Humanities Education and Research Association, its contractors, and web site designer(s) and administrator(s) harmless from any claims, losses, expenses (including attorney fees), and liability arising in connection with the placement of sponsor's banner ad/button on the H-E-R-A.org website. HERA is not responsible for any omissions, interruptions of services, or errors in sponsor acknowledgment banner placement. HERA does not endorse or guarantee any claims made by any sponsor. HERA reserves the right to reject sponsorship acknowledgment statements for any reason whatsoever.