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Vita Fortunati
Travelling and Mapping the World: Scientific Discoveries and Narrative Discourses
(I Libri di Emil, 2011)
"Investigates the interfacing between the development of scientific discourses and the re-configuration of old paradigms of knowledge both in literature and science that started in Europe in the age of the Great Discoveries and continued throughout the 17th and the 18th century. The book brings together various disciplinary areas, and a variety of scientific terms of reference, as well as points of observation from several European contexts. At the centre of the volume is travel literature, a genre of a hybrid kind from its very beginnings, of somewhat indefinite contours. It has been for centuries at the interface of fields of knowledge and disciplines such as cartography, cosmogony, astronomy, physics, zoology, ethnology, and ethology, and also the history of medicine and pharmacology. But travel literature, as the essays in this book demonstrate, was and still is a fertile field of enquiry for theoreticians, philosophers, anthropologists and historians of ideas in which to trace the history of paradigms and Western culture’s founding cognitive categories such as gender, identity, otherness, race and ethnicity"

Geoffrey Green
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Voices in a Mask
Based on images of disguise in literature, theater, and opera, this short-story cycle explores themes of identity and subterfuge in a fictional fugue that ranges from comic to poignant. Into the librettos of Don Giovanni, Tosca, Rigoletto, and other operas, Green weaves the authentic biographies of their singers and composers, modern-day settings, and his own imaginative twists. Throughout Voices in a Mask, characters obscure and reveal themselves as art mimics life and life, art. Ultimately the very acts of masking and projecting reveal a truth about the power of art and its inherent deceptions.
          "This is a wonderful book... The combination of artistic skill and critical acumen involved is astonishing, and the historical research involved is seriously done and superbly deployed in a creative manner." --Robert Scholes, Brown University
           Geoffrey Green's Voices in a Mask is an operatic tour de force of a 'novel' involving (among other things) grand opera--a subject on which the author is impressively and entertainingly knowledgeable."--John Barth


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Geoffrey Green
Scholes Loves a Story: A Book for Bob

(Scholesbook, 2012)

To celebrate Robert Scholes, writers created this secret book of stories about him as a tribute to his generosity of spirit, his time, his friendship, & his

Samuele F.S. Pardini

The Devil Gets His Due: The Uncollected Essays of Leslie Fiedler
(Berkeley: Counterpoint Press, 2011)
Pardini edited and wrote an extended introduction to the collection.
          This collection of essays from National Book Critics Circle Lifetime Achievement Award winner Leslie Fiedler reveals a powerful mind critiquing whole aspects of culture and uncovering lessons therein that remain timely today.
           “No other student of the American novel has such fascinating and on the whole right things to say.” —Washington Post

Doré Ripley

Goddesses in World Culture
(Praeger, 2011)
Goddesses in World Culture brings readers the fascinating stories of close to 100 of the world's goddesses, ranging from the immediately recognizable to the obscure. These figures, many of whom derive from ancient cultures and civilizations, serve as points of departure for examining questions that go well beyond the role of women in religion and spirituality to include social organization, environmental awareness, historical developments, and psychological archetypes.
        Given the array of topics, these volumes should appeal to readers in a variety of subject areas, including but not limited to religion, mythology, anthropology, and gender studies. . . . Recommended. - Choice