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Does HERA sound like an organization where YOU belong?

Members receive 6 publications per year: 3 issues of HERA's journal Interdisciplinary Humanities and 3 issues of our coordinated newsletter.

Please print out this page and use the application form below by filling in the appropriate information. Send your completed application with a check to the address listed below.

All memberships begin January 1 and end December 31.

Check appropriate category:

____Individual 1-year membership: $125

____ Joint 1-year membership is open to two individuals sharing the same household: $185

____Full time student membership: $70

____Retired: $70

____ Employee of Institutional Member, 1-year membership: $95

____Library memberships to Interdisciplinary Humanities: $155

_____Institutional 1-year membership: $500 Institutional members are recognized in conference materials and on the HERA website. Individuals employed by institutional members enjoy reduced membership and conference fees. (A 1-year membership fee for an employee of an institutional member is $95.)

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Affiliation: _______________________________________________________

Specialization or Special Interests:_____________________________________


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Work phone/Home phone numbers:____________________________________

Do you have a recent book that has been published? (note title, publisher and year):


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Enclose check for category indicated above, made out to

Humanities Education and Research Association

Send to: HERA, P.O. Box 715, Pacifica, CA 94044-4206