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Officers Board of Directors

President: Barry Peterson*

Attorney: Geoffrey M. Faust* (

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer: Marcia Green* (

Secretary: Geoffrey Green* (

Web Maestro: Doré Ripley* (

Board Members

Edmund Cueva*

Sarita Cannon*

Colleen Coughlin* (

Henry Sayre* (

Neil Shepard* (

Therese Tomaszek* (

* = Voting Members of the Board of Directors


Membership Chair: Britney Broyles (

Publicity: Portia Hopkins (

Newsletter Editor: Erin R. McCoy (

Book Exhibit Coordinator: William E. Grim (wgrim@

Interdisciplinary Humanities Executive Editor: Ron Weber (

Interdisciplinary Humanities Co-Editor: Stephen Husarik (

Interdisciplinary Humanities Co-Editor: Lee Ann Westman (