Interdisciplinary Humanities


Online Learning in the Humanities

Spring 2014 - Volume 31.1

Guest Editors - Stephen Husarik, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Mary Ann Koory, California Jazz Conservatory







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Articles in Interdisciplinary Humanities
from April 2003 to the present can be accessed through EBSCO databases, including Academic Search Premier.


Editors' Introduction

     Stephen Husarik      University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

E-Learning and WebCT: Beginnings, Revelations, False Promises and Unfounded Fears
     Murray T. Goldberg      Founder of WebCT
Doing Humanities Scholarship Online: A Case Study for the Literary Digital Humanities Writing Course
     Amanda Starling Gould      Duke University
Active Learning and the Use of Technology, or How One Online Popular Culture Course Changed How We Teach Everything Else
      DeAnna Varela      University of Texas at El Paso
Lee Ann Westman      University of Texas at El Paso
What war looks like: students present moments of historical crisis using primary sources and digital textbooks. Be careful what you ask for.
     Laura Moorhead     Stanford University
Beyond the On-Campus Humanities Learning Experience: A Case Study in Utilizing Assessment Tools in an Online Dance Studies Course
     Michelle T. Summers      University of California - Riverside
 Kimberly Downing Robinson     University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Rebecca J. Timmons     University of Arkansas - Fort Smith


Teaching Machines and the Humanities: Paragraphs on Critical Media Pedagogy
     Dan Leopard     St. Mary's College of California
How Architectural Students Learn via Mobile Technology
     Michael Brazley     Southern Illinois University Carbondale
A Virtual Grand Tour of Europe: Bringing Students, Faculty, Donors, and Local Citizens Together in an International Humanities Experience   
     Stephen Husarik     University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Book Review: Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies: Terminology for Art, Architecture, and Other Cultural Works, Updated Edition by Patricia Harping  
     Natalie E. Phillips     Ball State University
Book Review: Plagues in World History by John Aberth  
     Thomas J. Brinkerhoff     University of Pennsylvania
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Front Cover art - A word cloud made from the text of the articles in this issue, generated by Mary Ann Koory using Wordle ( Word clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Not surprisingly, but still gratifying to the editors, the word "student" appeared most often in this issue devoted to online pedagogy.
Executive Editor - Ronald Weber  
Co-Editor - Lee Ann Elliott Westman  
Book Review Editor - Edmund Cueva
This issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities is partially underwritten by The Friends of the Humanities at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Humanities Program at The University of Texas at El Paso.