Interdisciplinary Humanities


Pride and Humility

Spring 2013 - Volume 30.1

Guest Editor - Shawn R. Tucker, Elon University







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Editors' Introduction

     Shawn R. Tucker

Saleem, Shiva, and Status: Authentic and Hubristic Pride Personified in Midnight's Children
     Jessica L. Tracy     University of British Columbia
Aaron C. Weidman     University of British Columbia
Relational Humility
     Brett G. Scharffs     Brigham Young University
Humble in the Word and Body: Abu Bakra as an Early Islamic Exemplar
      Elizabeth Urban     Brandeis University
Connected Knowing-Connected Dancing
     Sherrie Barr     Michigan State University
Megan Dailey     Michigan State University
Patricia Gordon     Michigan State University
Kaity Sinke     Michigan State University
"Maysterful mod and hyghe pryde . . . am heterly hated here": Losing Pride and Finding Oneself in Pearl
     Rhonda L. McDaniel     Middle Tennessee State University


Satan Surfacing: (Predetermined) Individuality in the Old English Genesis B
     Elan Justice Pavlinich     University of South Florida
"Gods We Were": Rejuvenation as Social Metaphor in Interwar Pulp Fiction in Europe and the United States
     Brett A. Berliner     Morgan State University
HERA > Rebecca, Medea > Rachel; Greek Myth and the Jacob Cycle (Genesis 27-32)   
     Bruce Louden     University of Texas at El Paso
An Interview with the cover artist Juan Obando  
     Shawn Tucker     Elon University
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Front Cover and Back Cover Images - Juan Obando Tropical Nazi, 2009 Screen print on French paper.

Tropical Nazi is a piece consisting of two parts: A series of phantasmagoric prints appearing in the streets of Bogotá, Colombia, and an action performed in Grand Central Station, NYC (U.S.A.) during a Colombian country branding event. The resulting images are graphic mutations combining the tropical iconography used by the Colombian country brand "Colombia Is Passion" and Nazi symbols like the Parteiadler and the Totenkopf.

Executive Editor - Ronald Weber  
Co-Editors - Stephen Husarik and Lee Ann Elliott Westman  
Book Review Editor - Edmund Cueva
Art Editor - Kerry Doyle  
This issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities is partially underwritten by The Friends of the Humanities at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Humanities Program at The University of Texas at El Paso.