Interdisciplinary Humanities

Out of the Past and Into the Night:
The Noir Vision in American Culture

Spring 2016 - Volume 33.1

Guest Editor: Doré Ripley







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Editor's Introduction

     Doré Ripley     California State University, East Bay

Scream to Screen: The Philosophical and Aesthetic Origins of Film Noir
     William F. Burns     Brookdale Community College
The Film Noir Doppelgänger: Alienation, Separation, Anxiety

     Ed Cameron     University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Photo Essay: The Role of Locations in Film Noir Movies
      Brian Hollis     Independent Scholar
Joseph H. Lewis and the Changing Noir Vision of American Culture from Gothin Heroines to Cold War Gangsters
     Sheri Chinen Bisen     Rowan College
Reviving Noir: An Interview with Eddie Muller
     Doré Ripley     California State University, East Bay
"Why Do You Make Me Do This?": Spectator Empathy, Self-Loathing Lawmen, and Nicholas Ray's Noir Vision in On Dangerous Ground
     Kevin Henderson     Drury University
The Lady from Shanghai: A Re-Working of the Noir Standard

     Austin Pidgeon     Brophy College Preparatory

Choosing "between the morality of the law and the morality of Simple justice": The Intersections of Culture, Justice, and National Identity in Orson Welles's Touch of Evil (1958)
     Geoffrey Green     San Francisco State University
Advocating Incredulity: Orson Welles, Film Noir, and the Suspension of Belief  
     Ezekiel Crago     University of California at Riverside
Black Widow, Gender Criticism, and the Narrative Agency of the Femme Fatale  
     Larry T. Shillock     Wilson College
Cool Girls and Bad Girls: Reinventing the Femme Fatale in Contemporary Fiction  
     Kenneth Lota     University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy as a Noir View of American Social Tensions  
     Patrick Kent Russell     University of Connecticut
Book Review: European Cinema After the Wall: Screening East-West Mobility by Leen Engelen and Kris Van Heuckelom
     Jennifer Nagtegaal     The University of British Columbia
Book Review: Supernatural and Philosophy: Metaphysics and Monsters...for Idjits by Galen A. Foresman
     Monica J. Stenzel
Book Review: Clint Eastwood's America by Sam B. Girgus  
     Anton Karl Kozlovic     Deakin University
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