Interdisciplinary Humanities

Re-Imagining, Re-Remembering and Cultural Recycling: Adaptation Across the Humanities

Fall 2014- Volume 31.3

Guest Editor - Robert L. Neblett







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Editors' Introduction

     Robert L. Neblett

"Approaching Antigone: A Critical and Performative Analysis of Sophocles' Antigone, Spurring the Creation of a New Post-Dramatic Work, No More Prayers
     Kendra Jones     University of Winnipeg, Canada
Villain or Victim: Transforming Salome through Adaptation
     Amanda Ritter      Weber State University
Re-Imagining the Class Clown: Chaucer's Clowning Clerics
      Ethan K. Smilie     Neosho County Community College
Kipton D. Smilie     Missouri Western State University
Jonson's Renaissance Romans: Classical Adaptation in Sejanus
     Philip Goldfarb     University of Chicago
Beyond Myth: Two Adaptations of Don Quijote for a New Millennium
     Galina Bakhtiarova     Western Connecticut State University
Translations and Adaptations: The Antona García Project
     James Bell      Grand Valley State University
Disney's Darlings: An Analysis of The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Brave, and The Changing Characterization of the Princess Archetype

     Jena Stephens     Kennesaw State University

Adapting and Transforming "Cinderella": Fair Tale Adaptations and the Limits of Existing Adaptation Theory
     Margot Blankier     Trinity College, The University of Dublin
Celestina and Other Old Salacious Allusions in George Tooker's Toilette  
     Susan J. Baker     University of Houston--Downtown
Interview with cover artist Mauricio Olague  
     Lee Ann E. Westman      University of Texas at El Paso
Book Review: On Rereading by Patricia Meyer Spacks  
     Lauren Eutsler      University of Florida
Book Review: Future Families: Diverse Forms, Rich Possibilities by Ross D. Parke  
     Erica Vernold Miller     Cazenovia College
Book Review: Spike Lee's America by David Sterritt  
     Mia Long Anderson     University of South Alabama
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Front Cover image - Mauricio Olague, American Spirit. Dimensions: 41" X 31" X 7", Three dimensional construction with found objects and acrylic, 2014.
     This box, "American Spirit," deals with the many facets of American history and the male American psyche that borders not so much on revisionism, but the "Disneyfied" fantasies that makes the contemporary American male believe that if he smokes a natural brand of cigarettes, he is honoring both the Native American as well as the "true American spirit." Thus we see the toy bow and arrow, the toy fish and the toy matchbook contains a Norman Rockwell image of a performing cowboy before a show, having his assistant apply lipstick and makeup, indicating that this fabricated "old west history," goes back further than we may realize.
Executive Editor - Ronald Weber  
Co-Editors - Stephen Husarik and Lee Ann Elliott Westman  
Book Review Editor - Edmund Cueva
Art Editor - Kerry Doyle  
This issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities is partially underwritten by the Humanities Program at the University of Texas at El Paso.