Interdisciplinary Humanities


(mis)Representing Difference

Fall 2011

Volume 28.2

Guest Editor - Susan Booker Morris, Ferris State University







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Articles in Interdisciplinary Humanities
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Editors' Introduction
     Susan Booker Morris    Ferris State University
Black Enough: Blackface and Identity in Japanese Culture
     Octavia C. Graham     University of Pittsburg
Alterity Chic: Saving Africa, Losing (Sight of) the Legacy of AIDS
     Caroline Light
When Style Becomes Substance: The Form and Function of a Rap Aesthetic in the AIDS Movie Chocolate Babies
      Kylo-Patrick R. Hart     Texas Christian University
"Blurring the View": Liminality and Film Spectatorship
     David A. Hatch     University of South Carolina
Foreign Bodies: Portraiture and Photography in the Works of Toni Morrison
     Alice Hall     Université Paris-Diderot
"We Should Never Forget": Using Black Americana in Preventing Racial Othering
     Kristen Marangoni     University of Tulsa
Targeting Black Masculinity: An Analysis of the (mis)Representation of Black Men in the History of Early American Popular Culture
     Susan Booker Morris     Ferris State University
Book Reviews   
33 Revolutions per Minute: A History of Protest Songs from Billie Holliday to Green Day      by Dorian Lynskey
     Reviewed by Erin McCoy     University of Louisville
Contemporary Media Culture and the Remnants of a Colonial Past
by Kent A. Ono
     Reviewed by Kay Lawson    Marshall University
Race/Gender/Media Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content, and Producers     by Rebecca Ann Lind
     Reviewed by Margot Berrill     University of Illinois at Chicago
DVD Review  
Codes of Gender     by Sut Jhally  
     Reviewed by Wynn Yarbrough     University of the District of Columbia
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