2017 Conference Program

March 1-4, 2017 - San Diego, California

Local Voices to Global Visions:

Exploring Identity in the Humanities

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Wednesday, 1 March

Sessions 2:00 - 2:45 PM

Registration 1:00 - 4:45PM

HERA Board Meeting 5:30 to 8:30PM

Session I 2-3:15 PM

1. Political Identities in Contemporary Modernity - Room A
Chair: David Wolf

"How to Resist the Arts of the Spellbinder: Taking Stock of the role of Humanities Education in the Fight Against Propaganda"
Martin Turkis II, Carlmont High School

"Feminist Citizenships: Ruth Lister, Barack Obama, and Claudia Rankine"
David Wolf, Portland State University

2. Representations through Time: Psychic Identities, Social Tension, and Humanistic Values -Room B
Chair: Carlos Vega

"What is the Relationship between the Past and the Present?: An Interdisciplinary Approach to an NEH Enduring Question"
Paul Dover, Kennesaw State University

"Popular Hagiography and Social Tensions: Sites of Resistance in the Luso-Hispanic World"
Carlos Vega, Wellesley College

3. Postmodern Music and Dance - Room C
Chair: Stephen Husarik

"Global Visions, Local Dance: From Dance Theater to Dancing Pixels, The Art of Pina Bausch and Adrien M. and Claire B."
Gerburg Garmann and Paul Levesque, University of Indianapolis

"Shall We Dance?: The Events Leading Up to John Cage's Largest Work HPSCHD, 1969"
Stephen Husarik, University of Arkansas, Fort Smith

Break with Refreshments - Location TBA - 3:15 to 3:30 PM

Wednesday, 1 March

Session II 3:30-4:45 PM

4. Postwar Identities: Metaphors of Food, Mothering, and Autism - Room A
Chair: Chair: Neil Shepard

"Nutmeg and Neutron Bombs: Food and Postmodernity in Kurt Vonnegut's Deadeye Dick
Bead Kerr, San Francisco State University

"Refrigerator Mothers: Teaching a Troublesome History"
Neil Shepard, Davenport University

5. Architecture and Street Art: Intersections of Global Hybridity - Room B
Chair: Gavin Keulks

"The Intersection of Global and Local Architectural Vision in Rural West Virginia"
Szilivia Kadas

"Hybrid Identities of Student Union Buildings at Mid-century"
Clare Robinson, University of Arizona

"Between the Lanes: Politics and the Humanities in Irish Street-Art"
Gavin Keulks, Western Oregon University

Wednesday, 1 March

5:30 to 8:30 PM HERA Board Meeting - Room TBA


Thursday, 2 March

Sessions, Registration, and Exhibits 9:30 AM - 4:45 PM

9-9:30 AM Coffee, Tea, Refreshments and Networking

Session III 9:30-10:45 AM

7. Lessons of the Masters: Literary Voices of Identity, Identity Crisis, and Otherness - Room A
Chair: Cecilia Peek

"Aging as Refinement of the Artistic Vision: Vladimir Nabokov's Final Works"
Edward Charlberg, San Francisco State University

"Placing the Other: Space, Place, and Transatlantic Communities in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea"
Marc Keith, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"The Rationale of the Irrational: A Classic Identity Crisis in Thomas Mann's Death in Venice"
Cecilia Peek, Brigham Young University

8. Identity Representation in the Sixties: Crisis, Discovery, and Transcendence - Room B
Chair: Thomas Ruddick

"Immersed in Suburbia: Identity Crises in the Films, The Graduate (1967), and The Swimmer (1968)
Joana Owens, Jacksonville University

"Representing Transcendent Triggers: Interludes in Hippie-Era Epics"
Thomas Ruddick, Edison State Community College

9. On the Road Again: Travel, Identity, Perspective, and Culture in Fiction and Philosophy - Room C
Chair: Lee Ann Westman

"Never Coming Home: On the Relation between Perspective, Place and the Cosmopolitan Spirit"
Rebecca Warshofsky, Binghamton University

"Destiny and Discovery: Early American Puritan Self-Identity in Kerouac's On the Road"
Amy Hezel, Regis University

"Have Novel, Will Travel: How Mary James Holmes Employs identity and Culture in Her Fiction"
Lee Ann Westman, Rutgers University

BREAK [coffee, tea and refreshment] LOCATION TBA 10:45-11 AM

Thursday, 2 March

Session IV 11 AM-12:15 PM

10. Musical Voices and Global Visions: Representations of Artistic Intersections - Room A
Chair: James Larner

"The Violin's Voice and Vision in Modern Art and Music"
James Larner, Marian University and Annie Loechle, University of Michigan

11. Reading Identities: Crisis, Challenge, and Community - Room B
Chair: Neil Shepard

"Reader Identity Crisis: Reexamining What it means to Read in Volatile Times"
Liz Gumm, University of California, Riverside

"Embracing Diversity and Building Humanities Communities through Layered Student Research"
Linnea Zeiner, San Diego State University

12. Appetites and Ingestion: Representations of Food in Literature - Room C
Chair: Kandace Linstrom

"I Got Canned: Food as Sign in Raymond Carver's 'Preservation'"
Eric Heltzel, San Francisco State University

"An Examination of Food and Madness in The Duchess of Malfi"
Kandace Linstrom, San Francisco State University

LUNCH (on your own) 12:15-2 PM

Thursday, 2 March

Session V 2-3:15 PM

13. Theatrical Voices: Outcasts, Martyrs, and Inclusive Community Visions - Room A
Chair: Eduardo Luis Campos Lima

"Refusal to Submit: The Martyrdom of Lady Macbeth and Carmen"
Charlie Dub, San Francisco State University

"'Nuevo México, Sí!': Identity and Politics in the Theater of La Compañía de Teatro de Alburquerque"
Eduardo Luis Campos Lima, University of São Paulo, Brazil

14. Music as Transcendent Agent in Musical and Poetic Expressions - Room B
Chair: Edmund Cueva

"'So Much More than Concert Chinas and Germanies': Poets Hear Local and Global Voices in Classical Music"
Jean Kreiling, Bridgewater State University, MA

"From Mbube to The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Isicathamiya, Exotica, Doo Wop"
Edmund Cueva, University of Houston, Downtown

15. Workshop: "F.I.F.T.H. (Fine Ideas for Teaching Humanities)" [a sharing session for teaching methods: the chairs will share some of their classroom activities; all present are encouraged to bring and share their own methods] - Room C

Thomas Ruddick, Edison State Community College, Lee Ann Westman, Rutgers University, Rabia Zaid, University of Chicago

BREAK [with beverage and refreshment] 3:15-3:30 PM

Thursday, 2 March

Session VI 3:30-4:45 PM

16. Journeys of Psychological and Philosophical Discovery: Self and Other in Humanistic Identity - Room A
Chair: Paul Whitfield

"The Little Prince in the Depths of the Sea: Refiguring Introverted Ego-Development"
Gordon Gilmore, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

"Infinite Jest and the Lacanian Concept of Manque-à-être"
Alessandra Tedesco, University of Bologna, Italy

"Love and Statelessness"
Paul Whitfield, San Francisco State University

17. Gendered Spaces, Humanistic Voices - Room B
Chair: Katherine Vogt

"In Her Place: Representations of Space as a Form of Narrative in Women-Authored Texts"
April Gilbert, San Francisco State University

"The 'Elsewhere' of Women's Writing: Critical Responses to the Discourse of Female Conduct in Plath's The Bell Jar"
Kelly Nickell, Radford University

"Writing/Righting Wrongs: Purposeful Misreading and Queer Rewriting through Romantic Shipper Fanfiction"
Katherine Vogt, San Francisco State University

18. Captives and Exiles: Representations of Identity Definition, Preservation, Choices, and Culture - Room C
Chair: Krista Rodin

"'Telling This with a Sigh': Roads Not Taken and Choices of Identity in Narratives of Imprisonment"
Lisa Graley, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"Transitional Identity in Refugee Stories"
Krista Rodin, Northern Arizona University

Thursday, 2 March

Session VII - 5:00 to 6:15

19. Plenary Session: The Voices and Visions of HERA - Planning for the 10th Annual HERA 2018 Conference
With Refreshements - Room TBA


Friday, 3 March

9-9:30 AM Coffee, Tea, Refreshments and Networking

Sessions and Registration 9:30 AM - 5 PM

Response Panel 6:15-6:45 PM

RECEPTION: Hot and Cold Hors D'oeuvres and Cash Bar Room TBA


Session VIII 9:30-10:45 AM

20. Poetic Voices and Identities: Words and Worlds - Room A
Chair: William Grim

"Mnemosyne is My Muse: Shaping a Poetic Identity through Memory"
Jared Pearce, William Penn University

"The World in a Poem: The Voices of Louis Zukofsky's A"
William Grim, HERA Board Member

21. From Local to Global Humanistic Voices: Innovative Research and Pedagogies - Room B
Chair: Colleen Coughlin

"Pioneering MIT INSPIRE: A National High School Research Competition in the Humanities"
Vaishnavi Rao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Digital Sovereignty and the Performance of Native Identities in the Tribal Digital Village"
Nicole Strathman, University of California, Riverside

"Local to Global and Back Again: Student Voices as a means of Student Retention"
Colleen Coughlin, Davenport University

22. Sites of Humanistic Meaning: Transcendent Identity and Interdisciplinary Learning - Room C
Chair: Ken Gargaro

"The Art Museum: Site for Interdisciplinary Language Learning and Academic Discourse"
Kristy Masten, University of Texas at San Antonio

"Humanities: Making the Transcendent Identity Real"
Ken Gargaro, Robert Morris University

BREAK [coffee, tea, and refreshments] - ROOM TBA 10:45-11 AM

Friday, 3 March

Session IX 11 AM-12:15 PM

23. Toni Morrison's Voices and Visions - Room A
Chair: Sarita Cannon

"'You your best thing': Toni Morrison's Revision of the White Savior Trope in Beloved"
Jason Jackl, San Francisco State University

"Redefining Beauty: Non-Normative Female Bodies in Toni Morrison's Novels"
Sarita Cannon, San Francisco State University

24. Representing Visual and Verbal Identity: 17th/18th /19th c Cultural Voices in Art and Literature - Room B
Chair: William Folkestad

"Jamaica's Lost History: Books and Reading in the Golden Age of Piracy c.1690-1725"
Jennifer Mylander, San Francisco State University

"Unveiling the Mind-Forged Manacle in The Monk"
Michael A. Parra, San Francisco State University

"The Witch that Followed Fruits and Trees"
William Folkestad, Colorado State University-Pueblo

25. Panel: Innovative Pedagogies in the Humanities: Transforming Personal and National Cultural Identity Through Short-Term Study Abroad Courses - Room C

"Building a Digital Learning Community: Rome and Study Abroad"
Ronald Weber, University of Texas at El Paso

"In Perilous Pursuit of the 'Bright Medusa': Literary and Personal Identity Transformations in Rome, Study Abroad Programs"
Renee Schlueter, Kirkwood Community College

"Digital Media and Heritage Preservation"
John De Frank, University of Texas at El Paso

LUNCH (on your own) 12:15-2 PM

Friday, 3 March

Session X 2-3:15 PM

26. Identity Networks, Inscriptions, Revisions, and Revelations - Room A
Chair: Larry Burton

"The Hidden I"
Trillian Donahue, San Francisco State University

"Networks of Identity: Wayuu Indigenous Women Connections to the Global South"
Ana Ferreira and Eduard Arriaga, University of Indianapolis

"Inscribing the 'I' in Identity: A Presentation on the Personal Essay"
Larry Burton, James Madison University

27. Innovative Voices: Transformative Pedagogies - Room B
Chair: Melinda Yeomans

"Critical Approach to Humanities Based on Comparative Mythology from Classic and Contemporary Worlds"
Ilaria De Santis, Hawaii Tokai International College

"Who is Behind the Invisible Veil of the Ivory Tower"
Eveldora Wheeler, University of Indianapolis

"Global Citizenry, Authenticity, and Cultural Literacy: Creating Transformative Learning Contexts"
Melinda Yeomans, Southern Illinois University

28. Mass Cultural Visions: Comics and Serials of the Mythic and Conceptual Identity - Room C Chair: Doré Ripley

"The Serial Nature of Death, Resurrection, and Reincarnation in 'Xena Warrior Princess'"
Ryann Lannan, San Francisco State University

"Global Voices to Global (Re)Visions: Exploring H+ Conceptual Identity in Transmetropolitan"
Doré Ripley, California State University, East Bay and Diablo Valley College

BREAK [with beverage and refreshments] 3:15-3:30 PM

Friday, 3 March

Session XI 3:30-4:45 PM

29. Musical Expressions of Marginalized Voices and Social Change - Room A
Chair: Keegan Medrano

"The Resurgence of The Clash: Punk Rock in the Twenty-First Century"
Lois F. Lyles, San Francisco State University, read by Ned Buskirk

"'Your Hate': South Asian Diaspora and White British Skinhead Culture in Morrissey's music, 1988-1992"
Keegan Medrano, San Francisco State University

30. Global Cultures and Identities: Innovative Transcendent Pedagogies - Room B
Chair: Therese Tomaszek

"Community Action for Reading and Security (CARS): Nicaragua Proposal"
Olivia Blackmon, George Washington University

"College English Teaching in China: The Role of Intercultural Competency in the Acquisition of English Language Skills"
Jingping Ge, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

"A Process Approach for Teaching and Learning Cultural Intelligence"
Therese Tomaszek, Davenport University

31. Appearances and Adornments: Artistic Representations of Activism and Identity - Room C
Chair: Kim Abunuwara

"Enamel Politics: Activism and Identity Formation for the Modern Age?"
Whitney Brennan, University of British Columbia

"Dressing the Victim: The Role of Clothing in the Work of Yoko Ono and Mallika Taneja"
Kim Abunuwara, Utah Valley University

Break (with beverage and refreshments) - 4:45 to 5:00 PM

Friday, 3 March

Session XII 5-6:15 PM


"Wooden Wars, or Everybody Can be Jewish These Days"
Joanna Mazurkiewicz, University of Michigan
Response Discussion Panel

6:15-6:45 PM RECEPTION
Hot and Cold Hors D'oeuvres and Cash Bar Room TBA


Saturday, 4 March

Sessions and Registration 9:30 AM - 12:15PM

12:15-2:00 PM Lunch Buffet and Closing


9:00 to 9:30 AM - Coffee, Tea, Refreshments and Networking

Session XIII 9:30-10:45 AM

33. Panel: Bite Me: Food Studies and Identity - Room A
Chair: Ailyn Pambid

"Food and Famine: An Examination of Starvation and the Performance of Irishness in James Joyce's The Dead"
Christine Amador, San Francisco State University

"Broken Bentos and Hamburger Dreams: Consuming Whiteness for Words in John Okada's No-No-Boy"
Joshua Lindo, San Francisco State University

"From Dogs to Dumplings: Food in First Generation Asian American Literature"
Ailyn Pambid, San Francisco State University

34. Cultural and Sociolinguistic Voices and Visions: Identity, Otherness, and Representation - Room B
Chair: Noelia Dominguez

"The Porteño Voice: Lunfardo and Argentinian Linguistic Identities"
Adriana Moosekian, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Cultural Representations in Spain's Same Sex Marriage"
Noelia Dominguez, Escuela de Escritores

35. Religious Voices and Visions: Crisis, Change, and Learning - Room C
Chair: Ann Branan Horak

"From Past to Present: 16th Century Humanists' Search for Identity through Politics, Religion, and Literature'"
Lori Chilcott, University at Buffalo

"Active, Team-based Service Learning in a World Religions Class"
Ann Branan Horak, University of Texas at El Paso

10:45 to 11:00 AM Break with light snacks

Saturday, 4 March

Session XIV 11:00 AM-12:15 PM

36. Outré Innovations: Self-Dissemination and Identity Boundaries in Art and Mystery Fiction - Room A
Chair: Geoffrey Green

"Travels from Brazil: Paolo Nazareth and the Dissemination of Self"
Henry Sayre, Oregon State University

"Whodunnit? The Psychological Implications of Identity in the Detective Novel"
Geoffrey Green, San Francisco State University

37. Global Visions and Significations in Young Adult and Children's Literature - Room B
Chair: Wynn Yarbrough

"Global Vision Offered by Young Adult Fiction"
Gwendolyn Dolske, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

"Schools, Sounds, Segregation, and Signifying: Notes Towards a Story of African-American Children's Poetry"
Wynn Yarbrough, University of the District of Columbia

38. Human, Individual, and Cultural Rights: Activism and Witness - Room C
Chair: Rashunda Stitt

"'I can't help that God made me so': How Early Native Writing Works to Invert Symbolic and Imaginary Texts to Counter Racist Discourse"
Phelan Tinsley, Radford University

"'Dear Diary, Now He's Out to Get Me': An Intersectional Approach to African American Women Engineering Students' Experiences"
Rashunda Stitt, Kadeejah Miller, and Jessica Evans, Winston-Salem State University

12:15-2 PM - Luncheon Buffet and Closing





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