2016 Conference Program

March 23 to 26, 2016- New Orleans, Louisiana

The Nature of Our Humanity

2016 Conference Program

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Wednesday, 23 March

Sessions 12-2:45 PM

Registration 11:30 AM-2:30 PM

HERA Board Meeting 3:00-6:00 PM

Session I 12-1:15 PM

1. The Nature of Mass Culture - Saint Louis Room
Chair: JoAnne Stephenson

"Joxer the Mighty Quixote: Joxer's Construction of Fictional Self in Xena: Warrior Princess,"
Ryann Lannan, San Francisco State University

"Apocalyptic Feminism: Furious Women on the Fury Road,"
Kathleen Smith, Louisiana State University, Shreveport

"Shaft: Its Genius, Its Appeal,"
JoAnne Stephenson, University of Central Florida

2. New Humanistic Models: Disasters, Interdisciplines, and Decisions - Bourbon Room
Chair: Larry Burton

"Ethics behind Corporate Deviance,"
Jordan Davis, Auburn University

"Anxiety and The Cohen Center for the Study of Technological Humanism,"
Larry Burton, James Madison University

3. Theological Issues and Implications
Iberville Room Chair: Helen Taylor

"The Nature between Job and God,"
Shelly Dawson, Lamar University

"Carolingian Christianity and the Holy Hatchet of St. Boniface,"
Drew Craver, University of Georgia "

Alewives and Demons: Medieval Wall Paintings of the Judgment,"
Helen Clare Taylor, Louisiana State University, Shreveport

Wednesday, 23 March

Session II 1:30-2:45 PM

4. Teaching and Defending the Humanities - Saint Louis Room
Chair: James Moore

"Socrates as a Model for the Humanities Today,"
Martha K. Woodruff, Middlebury College

"The Nature of Ignorance and the Nature of Inquiry: Teaching Research in Interdisciplinary Humanities,"
Bonnie Vigeland, Hampshire College, and Caro Pinto, Mount Holyoke College, MA

"Teaching Political Issues via the Fine Arts,"
James Moore, Cleveland State University

5. Online Connections: Issues and Answers - Bourbon Room
Chair: Ezekiel Crago

"'You Look So Different In Person': Fantasies and Work at SeekingArrangement.com,"
Chris Arreola, San Francisco State University

"The Social Commons: Towards A New Collaborative Model for Online Public Spaces,"
JoAnne Holman, James Madison University

"The Game of Life: Border Crossings, Global Networks, and Local Problems in Neal Stephenson's REAMDE,"
Ezekiel Crago, University of California, Riverside

6. Artistic Depictions and Worldly Expressions - Iberville Room
Chair: Erin McCoy

"Walter Benjamin's Magic of Portraiture in Contemporary Political Photography,"
Bead Kerr, San Francisco State University

"'What song with a message?': Bob Dylan as a Reluctant Authority on the Nature of Our Humanity,"
Angela R. Sposito-Bernath, San Francisco State University

"They Signed Their Names on Propaganda: Vietnamese War Art and Artists,"
Erin McCoy, University of South Carolina, Beaufort

7. Workshop - Saint Ann Room

"Bomb the Church? One Way to Talk about Art's Preservation,"
Mary Beth Looney, Brenau University

Wednesday, 23 March

3:00-6:00 PM HERA Board Meeting - Burgundy Room


Thursday, 24 March

Sessions, Registration, and Exhibits 9:30 AM - 5 PM

9-9:30 AM Coffee and Tea and Refreshment

Session III 9:30-10:45 AM

8. Humanistic Representations: Nature and Culture - Bourbon Room
Chair: Lee Ann Westman

"Herman Melville's take on the nature of our humanity in his poem, 'Misgivings,'"
James Chichetto, Stonehill College, Massachusetts

"The Nature of Culture in Henry James,"
David Wolf, Portland State University

"Tempest and Sunshine: Mary Jane Holmes' Natural Metaphors in her First Novel,"
Lee Ann Westman, Rutgers University, Camden

9. The Nature of Video Gaming - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Mark Laughlin

"Constructing Positive Ethical, Cultural and Social Values with Videogames,"
Margarida Duque de Castela Downhour, San Francisco State University

"Video Game Music: The Pedagogy Within,"
Mark Laughlin, Georgia Southwestern State University

10. Human Natures: Innovative Interdisciplinary Approaches - Iberville Room
Chair: Tiffany Draper

"Nature and Human Excellence: Thinking Philosophically about Engineering,"
Gwendolyn Dolske, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

"Art as the Messenger of Neurobiology,"
Mimi Sheiner, San Francisco State University

"Choice, Accountability, and Humanity in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,"
Tiffany Draper, Northern Arizona University

11.Workshop: Ekphrasis Writing - Saint Ann Room
Maureen McVeigh Trainor, West Chester

BREAK [coffee and tea and refreshment] LOCATION TBA 10:45-11 AM

Thursday, 24 March

Session IV 11 AM-12:15 PM

12. Humanistic Storytelling: Cultural Gods and Monsters - Bourbon Room
Chair: Colleen Coughlin

"World Children's Literature and Multiculturalism: A Discourse Toward Universal Human Values,"
Majed Al-Lehaibi, Jazan University

"Storytelling: Utilizing culture of testimony as voice for love-charged healing,"
Laverne Dunn, University of Louisiana, Monroe

"Monster High: The Monster We Each Are,"
Colleen Coughlin, Davenport University

13. Challenging Norms and Natures: Mixing Things Up - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Robin White

"'Behind the scenes of this race-drama': Heteroglossia & Narrative Play in James Weldon Johnson's The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man,"
Calandra Warren, San Francisco State University

"The Lady from Shanghai: A Reworking of the Noir Standard,"
Austin Pidgeon, San Francisco State University

"A Creole Lesson Before Dying,"
Robin White, Nicholls State University

14. Civilization and Its Discontents - Iberville Room
Chair: Rhonda Sharrah

"Maslow, Shakespeare, and Humanity: Nature, Wit, and Art,"
Rachael Hammond, Shenandoah University

"Post-Humanism and Animal Studies: The Constructed 'Animal' in Kiss of the Spider Woman and Their Eyes Were Watching God,"
Sophie Labaree, San Francisco State University

"The Service Done By the State: Shakespeare's Venetian Plays and the Space of the Law,"
Rhonda Sharrah, San Francisco State University

15. Workshop: The Nature of Women's Creativity - Saint Ann Room
Julie de Azevedo Hanks, University of Southern California

LUNCH (on your own) 12:15-2 PM

Thursday, 24 March


16. Transformative Innovations in Pedagogy - Bourbon Room
Chair: Jean Filetti

"How Math Instruction Can Be a Catalyst for Personal Transformation,"
Jocelyn Chapman, University of Louisiana, Monroe

"Reclaiming the Nature of a Humanities Education: Teaching and Assessing Writing With(Out) Technology,"
Darin Payne, University of Hawaii

"Creating Dialogue in the ClassROOM TBA: Reading Logs vs. Discussion Boards,"
Jean Filetti, Christopher Newport University

17. Representations of Violence - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Farryn Valderramos

"From St. Louis to Oakland: Environmental Solutions to Gendered Violence,"
Leigh Laughlin, Michigan State University

"Speaking With Violence: Richard Wright's Native Son,"
Courtney King, San Francisco State University

"The Maafa, Yoruba Medicinal Practices and Brazil: Exploring the 'Ethnobotonical Puzzle' throughout the Atlantic Slave Trade,"
Farryn Valderramos, Clark Atlanta University

18. Living in the Material World: Preserving Humanity - Iberville Room
Chair: Karen Hanson

"Pedagogy and the Poetic: A Humanistic Approach to Online Learning,"
Roxanne B. Speer, University of Louisiana, Lafayette and Karen McClendon, California Northstate University

"The Transformative Power of Interdisciplinary Journaling in the Sciences and the Humanities,"
Alex Kizuk, University of Lethbridge

"Utopia, Nature, and the Intentional Community: A Modern-Day Ecotopia with a Millennialist Past,"
Karen Hanson, DeVry University

BREAK [with beverage and refreshment] 3:15-3:30 PM

Thursday, 24 March

Session VI 3:30-4:45 PM

19. Images of the Changing Humanistic Self - Bourbon Room
Chair: Ken Gargaro

"Finding Humanity in the Infinitely Reproducible,"
Nathan Hurwitz, Rider University

"'Cherished Illusions': An Examination of Theatrical Performance and Identity in The Day of the Locust,"
Natalia Narvaez, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

"Hamilton the Musical: A Populist Masterwork in the Company of Shakespeare's Histories and Homer's Epics,"
Ken Gargaro, Robert Morris University

20. Myths and Journeys of Rescue, Resurrection, and Response - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Krista Rodin

"Las Cristas de Cd. Juárez: Journeying Toward Resurrection,"
Robert Perea, University of Wyoming

"The Unshakeable Humanity in the Craker Core: Using Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake to Better Understand What Makes Us Human,"
Samantha Edmonds, University of Cincinnati

"Women Rescued by Mountains,"
Krista Rodin, Northern Arizona University

21. Panic, Terror, and Dread - Iberville Room
Chair: Marcia Green

"'We're all in a community-the same one!': Elia Kazan's Panic in the Streets (1950) as a Portent of Our Contemporary Crisis of Humanity Amidst Globalization, Pandemic, Xenophobia, and Paranoia",
Geoffrey Green, San Francisco State University

"The Devil has all the Good Tunes: New Orleans, Louis Cypher and his Favorite Johnny in Alan Parker's film, Angel Heart,"
Marcia Green, Executive Director, HERA


Friday, 25 March

Sessions 9:30 AM-5 PM Registration and Exhibits

5-8 PM Plenary Session Astor Ballroom I & II
Hot and Cold Hors D'oeuvres and Cash Bar Astor Ballroom III

9-9:30 AM Coffee and Tea and Refreshment

Session VII 9:30-10:45 AM

22. Cherchez la Femme! - Bienville Room
Chair: Rosemary Guruswamy

"'Two Lovely Berries Molded on One Stem': Femininity and Humanity in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream,"
Monica Alvarez, Trinity School, New York

"Feminism, Politics, and Emancipation: Undoing Culture Through Hip Hop,"
Maya Stitski, Queen's University, Canada

"Urania: The Many Faces of a Celestial Muse,"
Rosemary Guruswamy, Radford University

23. The Humanistic Nature of Art and Language - Bourbon Room
Chair: William Folkestad

"The Tenacious Life of Language: Gesture, Speech, and Writing in the Works of Jacques-Louis David and Jean-Jacques Rousseau,"
Amy Hezel, Independent Scholar

"The Head and the Heart: Woody Allen on the Nature of Art,"
Joana Owens, Jacksonville University

"When Art and Its History Are Concepts,"
William Folkestad, Colorado State University, Pueblo

24. Traumas of the Body, Soul, and the Human Spirit - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Lisa Graley

"Breaking the Silence: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Memoirs of Second-Generation Holocaust Survivors,"
Daphne Desser, University of Hawaii

"Retrospective Diagnoses: Autism, History and Identity,"
Neil Shepard, Davenport University

"The Patient-Prisoner: Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward as a Critique of the Nature of Medical Confinement,"
Lisa Graley, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

25. Humanistic Myths of Modern Individualism - Saint Ann Room
Chair: William E. Grim

"Struggle Against the Absence: Postmodern Discourse and Freudian Theory in Cormac McCarthy's The Road,"
Laura Gillis, San Francisco State University

"Beginning After the End: The Reconstruction of Social Order in Post-apocalyptic Zombie Narratives in 21st Century American Literature and Film,"
Suzie Vander Vorste, University of Cincinnati

"From the Last Man to the Superman: Faustian Contributions to the Definition of the Human,"
William Grim, Independent Scholar

BREAK [with beverage and refreshment] - ROOM TBA 10:45-11 AM

Friday, 25 March

Session VIII 11 AM-12:15 PM

26. Our Humanity on the Barricades - Bienville Room
Chair: Barry Peterson

"The Saint versus the Volcano: The Virgin Martyr as a Warrior Saint,"
Eileen Harney, University of Alaska Fairbanks

"Robophobia: Military Robots and the Ethics of Armed Conflict,"
Leonard Kahn, Loyola University, New Orleans

"The Islamic State Reveals the Nature of Our Humanity,"
Barry Peterson, University of Nevada

27. Shakespearean Meanings - Bourbon Room
Chair: Erich Freiberger

"'Beyond the Reaches of Our Souls:" Shakespeare's Haunting Influence on Dickens,"
Katie Brandt, San Francisco State University

"Embodied History, Embodied Narrative, and Shakespeare's Henriad,"
Emily Farris, San Francisco State University

"Time and Action in Hamlet and Plato's Statesman,"
Erich Freiberger, Jacksonville University

28. Turbulent Times: Representations of Wreckage, Violence, and Human Resistance - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Patrick Duggan

"'The heart of an Irishman is nothing but his imagination': Historical Landscapes, Gaelic Myths, and United Irishmen in William Drennan's Poetry,"
Devin Gott, Sam Houston State University, Texas

"Opening the Body: Understanding Violence in Conrad and Mansfield,"
Deseree Probasco, Sam Houston State University, Texas

"Staging the Wreckage: Resilience and Humanity in Disgust, representing the Northern Irish Dirty Protests,"
Patrick Duggan, University of Surrey, UK

29. New Approaches to Humanistic Pedagogy - Saint Ann Room
Chair: Denise Isom

"Journeying Together: Examining Intercultural Parent Relations within Dual Language Immersion Programs,"
Lisa Porter, James Madison University

"David Foster Wallace, Stephen King's Carrie, and Teaching Literature in General Education Courses,"
Jeffrey Osborne, Murray State University

"Auto-ethnography in the Scaffolding of Critical Pedagogy and White Identity Development in a Pre-service teacher: A Professor/Student Story,"
Denise Isom and Sara Roudebush, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

LUNCH (on your own) 12:15-2 PM

Friday, 25 March

Session IX 2-3:15 PM

30. Portrayals of Catastrophe: Ramifications and Reverberations - Bienville Room
Chair: Jim Larner

"Latoya Ruby Frazier and the Face of Environmental Racism,"
Henry Sayre, Oregon State University

"'The Flood is also the Bomb;' Or, The Catastrophes of Stravinsky's The Flood,"
Jim Larner, Marian University

31. Musical Natures, Musical Contexts - Bourbon Room
Chair: Tony Lack

"Music and Politics: Using Blues, Jazz, and Rock to Teach Complexity, Context, and Humanity,"
Eric Lapin, Clemson University

"The Nature or Our Humanity: Enduring the Elements of the Arctic Through Music,"
Paul Krejci, University of Alaska Fairbanks

"The Music of Nature: Nietzsche's Aesthetic Ontology and John Cage's Sounds of Silence,"
Tony Lack, Alamo College, San Antonio

32. Bodily Functions: Innovations and Ideas - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Katherine Gilbert

"Nutritious Writing: Teaching Composition through Food,"
Liz Gumm, University of California, Riverside

"What Makes a Woman? The Politics of Gender and Writing,"
Lauren Cirina, San Francisco State University

"Dystopian Nature & Reproducing Bodies: Fin-de-Siècle New Women and Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy,"
Katherine Gilbert, Drury University

33. Panel: (Un)doing "What Comes Naturally": Sexual Repression, Sexual Liberation, and Human Resiliency in Contemporary American Literature - Saint Ann Room

"Spectral Dildonics: The Discourse of Scientific Homophobia,"
Moira Baker, Radford University

"A Woman without a Movement: The Bell Jar as Proto-Feminist Intervention,"
Kelly B. Nickell, Radford University

"'A Point of Resistance:' Discourse as Constraint and Empowerment in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home and Are You My Mother?,"
Caitlyn Parker, Radford University

"'Queers Aren't Meant to Love': 1950s-1980s Discourses on Homosexuality and the Counter-Discourse of Gay Love in Sherman's Bent and Newman's 'A Letter to Harvey Milk,'"
Phelan Tinsley, Radford University

BREAK [with beverage and refreshment] 3:15-3:30 PM

Friday, 25 March

Session X 3:30-4:45 PM

34. Human Values, Viewpoints, and Enduring Questions - Bienville Room
Chair: Tony Lack

"Values from the People: Toward an Inductive-Empirical Aesthetic,"
Thomas Ruddick, Edison State Community College

"Viewpoints: Liberatory Ensemble and Character,"
Christopher Clark, Utah Valley University

"Will the Future Be better than the Past?: Teaching the Enduring Questions,"
Brandon Gillespie and Tony Lack, Alamo College

35. Love, Disruptions, and Spiritual Renewals - Bourbon Room
Chair: Edmund Cueva

"Searching for Spiritual Fire: Infusing Love into the Discourse of Family Therapy,"
Joan Harwood, University of Louisiana, Monroe

"Private Nature: A Union Soldier's Search for Spiritual Support,"
Robyn Jordan, University of Louisiana, Monroe

"Love, the Seasons, and the Destruction of Gardens in Longus' Daphnis and Chloe,"
Edmund Cueva, University of Houston-Downtown

36. Mourning and Melancholia - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Erin Macke

"Grieving Away the Grief: Humanity's Approach to Death and Dying,"
Kristi Anderson, University of Louisiana, Monroe

"On Death, Dying, and Grief in Geoffrey Chaucer's 'The Book of the Duchess,'"
Sam Sturdivant, San Francisco State University

"Escaping Death: Quixotism, Coping, and Overcoming in Essex County,"
Erin Macke, San Francisco State University

37. Humanities on the Ground: Teaching on Site - Saint Ann Room

       "Philosophy in Place, Place in Philosophy," Scott Samuelson, Kirkwood Community College
       "The Search for Gibbon's Muse," Ronald Weber, University of Texas, El Paso
       "Teaching History on the Ground: Material Culture and Historical Experience in City Centers," Margaret Musgrove, University of Central Oklahoma
       "Building Meaning: Teaching Architecture on Site," Sarah Kyle, University of Central Oklahoma
       "Writing and Living in Rome: Identities lost, found and 'sea change[d] into something rich and strange,'" Renee Schlueter, Kirkwood Community College

Friday, 25 March

Session XI 5-8 PM

38. KEYNOTE ADDRESS Astor Ballroom I & II

Keynote Speaker: Marc Manganaro, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of English, Loyola University, New Orleans

"The Nature of 'Culture': Interdisciplinary Explorations"

Hot and Cold Hors D'oeuvres and Cash Bar
Astor Ballroom III


Saturday, March 26

Sessions 9:30 AM- 12 PM Registration and Exhibits

12:15-2 PM Closing Luncheon Astor Ballroom III

Session XII 9:30-10:45 AM

39. Time, Memory, and the Past - Bienville Room
Chair: Zoran Kuzmanovich

"Finding the Beauty in 'A Butcher's Carcasses': Vladimir Nabokov's Sense of Memory,"
Alessandra Tedesco, University of Bologna, IT

"'Without face, shape, or history': Time in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren,"
Katherine Burd, University of Pennsylvania

"Investing in Childhood: Faulkner, Nabokov, Warren, and Repetition,"
Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College

40. Cultures and Communities - Bourbon Room
Chair: Stephen Husarik

"'For Those Seeking a Good Time while in San Antonio, Texas': The Restrictions and Permissions of Bawdy Houses from 1889-1939,"
Jennifer Cain, University of Texas at San Antonio

"Beethoven and Natural Pollution in Vienna,"
Stephen Husarik, University of Arkansas, Fort Smith

41. Constructing LGBT Identity - Saint Louis Room
Chair: Ashley Kimura

"Meeting Around the Speech Act: A Periperformative Analysis of RU Coming Out,"
Josie Rush, Duquesne University

"Queer(ing) Masculinity: Heteronormativity and Space in Giovanni's Room and Brokeback Mountain,"
Ashley Kimura, San Francisco State University

Saturday, 26 March

Session XIII 10:45 AM-12 PM

42. Plenary Workshop: The Nature of NEH--Funding Opportunities - Bienville Room

Deborah Hurtt, Senior Program Officer, National Endowment for the Humanities, and Robert Donahoo, Sam Houston State University

Closing Luncheon Astor Ballroom III 12:15-2 PM





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