2012 Conference

March 8-10, 2012 - Salt Lake City, Utah


Conference Headquarters - Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown

2012 Conference Program

Wednesday, March 7th

3:00 pm           HERA Board Meeting

Thursday, March 8th - 9:00 to 10:15 am

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Colleen Coughlin (chair)
          Davenport University
          Shakespeare or Snookie? Beethoven or Bieber? Cezanne or Cameron: Education or Entercation

          Victoria Ramirez and Stephanie Heath
          Weber State University
          Acting Out in English Class: a Case for Teaching Literature Using Performance Studies

Room B: European Crossroads

          Britney Broyles (chair)
          University of Louisville
          A Moral Crossroads: Bloodlust of the Victorian Masses in Crime Fiction

          Donald Metz
          University of Cincinnati
          Victorian Women at the Crossroads

Room C: North American Crossroads

          Lee Ann Westman (chair)
          University of Texas at El Paso
          Domestic Fiction Goes West and East: Mary Jane Homes and Literary Tourism

          Erin McCoy
          University of Louisville
          Trading the Fiddle for the Drum: U.S. Voices and Choices Regarding the Vietnam War

Cottonwood Room: Theoretical Crossroads

          Ronald Richardson (chair)
          San Francisco State University
          Narrative Madness: Understanding is Making Up Stories about Chaos

          Sara Northerner
          Western Kentucky University
          The Photograph as Historical Discourse

Thursday, March 8th - 10:30 to 11:45 am

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Therese Tomaszek (chair)
          Davenport University
          Transformative or Incremental? A Framework for Establishing the Engaged Campus through Service-Learning

          Alma Bennett
          Emory University
          Teaching the Nobel Prizes: An Interdisciplinary Nexus of Genius, History, and Controversy

Room B: European Crossroads

          Stephen Husarik (chair)
          University of Arkansas- Fort Smith
          Beethoven at the Crossroads: A Preliminary Version of "Grosse Fuge, Opus 133"

          Tiffany Hutabarat
          University of Louisville
          Modeling Behavior: Fashioning British Identity in Eighteenth-Century English Travel Literature

Room C: North American Crossroads

          Craig Westman (chair)
          University of Texas at El Paso
          Gaming Oral Narratives: The Junction Between Native American Literature and Contemporary Video Games

          Annette Allen
University of Louisville
          Photography: Remembrance or Resistance

Cottonwood Room: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Phoebe Reeves (chair)
          Frederic Krome
          Gregory Loving

          University of California- Clermont
          Learning Across the Curriculum: A Non-hierarchical Approach

Thursday, March 8th - Lunch break 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Sessions Resume 1:15 to 2:30 pm

Room A: European Crossroads

          Brian Armstrong
          Augusta State University
          Dostoevsky's Critical Crossroads

          Rachael Hammond
          Shenandoah University

From Tennyson to Duchamp: Ulysses Blind, Bone, and Bold

Room B: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Sherrie Barr (chair)
          Michigan State University
          Connected Knowing- Connected Dancing: Finding Home

          Megan Dailey, Tricia Gordon, Ricky Price, Kaity Sinke

Room C: North American Crossroads

          Joana Owens (chair)
          Jacksonville University
          Teaching Woody Allen's Shadows and Fog in a Survey Course on Modernism in the Humanities

          Emily Petersen
          Weber State University
          Flinging "Dirt" in Penn Warren's All the King's Men

          Tim Green
          St. Edward's University
          Shock Studies: Literature and the Social Mess

Cottonwood Room: Theoretical Crossroads

          Viola Lasmana (chair)
          University of Southern California
          Singing the Body Electric: Technologies of Communication and Representation

          Gray Fisher
          University of Southern California
          Skin, Clothing, Tent: The Vulnerable Body in the Occupy Movement

          Ali Sperling
          University of Southern California
          "Taking Up" Space: Embodiment in Public Political and Social Practice

Thursday, March 8th - 2:45 to 4:00 pm

Room A: European Crossroads

          Geoffrey Green (chair)
          San Francisco State University
          Freud and Korngold at the Crossroads of the Psyche: Freud's "Remembering, Repeating, and Working-through" (1914) and "Mourning and Melancholia" (1917) as Represented in Korngold's Die Tote Stadt (1920)

          Electra Fielding
          Weber State University
          Moros i Cristians and the Iberian Early Modern Text: Performance and Mimesis of the Orientalized Other

Room B: North American Crossroads

          Craig Westman (chair)
          University of Texas at El Paso
          Gaming Oral Narratives: The Junction Between Native American Literature and Contemporary Video Games

          Jasie Stokes
University of Louisville
A Miracle of Rare Device: Exploring the Paradoxical Significance of the Ice Palace in Literature and Film

Room C : Theoretical Crossroads

          David Hatch (chair)
          University of South Carolina
          Samuel Beckett and Gothic Tropes

          Robert Neblett
          Washington University in St. Louis
          Mixing Memory and Desire: Adaptation Theory and Deborah Brevoort's The Women of Lockerbie and Blue Moon Over Memphis

Thursday, March 8th - 4:15 to 5:30 pm

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Sara Kapadia (chair)
          Claremont Graduate University
          Examining Communication and Creativity in the Early Years of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Specialists and Artists

          Ruth Osorio
          Monterey Peninsula College
          The Research Paper at the Crossroads: Remixing Research and Academic Writing through Creation and Awareness

          Clary Loisel
          University of Montana
          The University of Montana's Global Leadership Initiative via Human Rights Issues in Latin American Literature and Film

Room B: European Crossroads

          Marcia Green (chair)
          Executive Director, HERA
          Morality at the Crossroads: Verdi's Operatic Fusion of Music and Drama in Macbeth

          Steven Nordstrom
          Brigham Young University
          At the intersection of poetry and song in late-sixteenth century Paris: Philippe de Monte's "Sonetz de Pierre de Ronsard" (1575)

          Alden Wood
          San Francisco State University
          Radical Intersections: The Rise of Atonal Music and The Invisible Committee's The Coming Insurrection

Room C: North American Crossroads

          Samuele Pardini (chair)
          Elon University
          Images of Italian Americans in African American Literature in the Time of Jim Crow

          Lauren Derby
          University of Houston
          Contemporary American Indian Poetry: Protest and Pain as Language

Cottonwood Room: Gender Crossroads

          Wynn Yarbrough (chair)
          University of the District of Columbia
          Sisters Are Doing it Themselves: Representations of the Feminine in African-American Children's Poetry

          Roseanne Gatto
          St. John's University
          Building Steam Engines: Mining the Archives and Locating a Crossroad between the Women of Radcliffe and George Pierce Baker at the Turn of the Century

          Melanie Hinton
University of Utah
          Gazing at the Body Politic: Woman's place in The Wanderer's Britain

Thursday, March 8th - 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Room B: Creative Crossroads

          Wynn Yarbrough
          University of the District of Columbia
          A Boy's Dream-- Poetry Reading

          Mikel Vause
          Weber State University
          At the Edge of Things

Thursday, March 8th at 7:00 pm

Tabernacle Choir rehearsal, free to the public, in The Tabernacle on Temple Square


Friday, March 9th

9:00 to 10:15 am

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Ronald Weber (chair)
          University of Texas at El Paso
          The Grand Tour American Style

          Renee Schlueter
          Kirkwood Community College
          Pilgrims at the Crossroads: Reading Thomas Hardy's "At the Tomb of Cestius" in the Protestant Cemetery

          Margaret Musgrove
          University of Central Oklahoma
          Pedagogy of Teaching Rome: Thoughts on Teaching a Humanities Course in Ancient Roman Culture

          Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen
          University of Central Oklahoma
          Lost in the Pio Clementino Museum: Interpretation and Teaching

Room B: European Crossroads

          Doré Ripley (chair)
          California State University- East Bay/Diablo Valley College
          Intellectual Crossroads: The Masculine Minds of Courtly Women in Shakespeare's Romances

          Amy Lofgreen
          Brigham Young University
          Milton's Paradise Lost and Rembrandt's The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Comparison

          Stephani Pierce
          San Francisco State University
          Adventure and Salty Old Pirates: The "Disneyfied" Afterlife of Treasure Island

Room C: North American/Asian Crossroads

          Sarita Cannon (chair)
          San Francisco State University
          Split Communities, Split Selves in Toni Morrison's Jazz and Honey Rue

          David Cosca
          San Francisco State University
          Is Hell a Pretty Place? A White-Supremacist Eden in Toni Morrison's Beloved

          Brandon Harwood
          University of Louisville
          Enterable Art: Observers Becoming Participants Through Japanese Gardens, Poetry and Ink Drawing

Friday, March 9th - 10:30 am to 11:45 am

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Continuation of previous session on Rome

Room B: Latin American Crossroads

          Paul Guajardo (chair)
          University of Houston
          Crossroads at the Border: Immigration as Rite-of-Passage

          Virginia da Costa
          West Chester University
          Service Learning Abroad: The Street Children Program in Quito, Ecuador

Room C: North American Crossroads

          Doug Cox (chair)
          Colorado Mesa University
          Traveling through the Dark: Intersections Between the Individual and Community in Recent American Road Poems

          Andrew Vogel
          Kutztown University
          Singing the Open Road: Walt Whitman and the American Road Poem

          Brent Kubasta
          Rollins College
          Subliminatin North by Northwest

Cottonwood Room: Philosophical Crossroads

          Krista Rodin (chair)
          Northern Arizona University
          Compassion through the Image of the Virgin/Mother: A Comparative look at Mary and Tara

          Daniel Carroll
          University of Idaho
          The Reflection of Medieval Philosophy in the Structure of Ninth-Century Organum

          Kip Smilie
          St. Gregory's University
          Irving Babbitt's New Humanism: Education and the "Civil War in the Cave"

Friday, March 9th - Lunch break - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Sessions resume - 1:15 to 2:30 pm

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Alex Caldiero (chair)
          Utah Valley University
          To Become Human is an Art

          Margaret Sass
          Boise State University
          Using Social Media Tools for Service Learning

          Burke Sorenson
          Utah Valley University
          Digital Humanities: What's all the Buzz About?

Room B: North American Crossroads

          Chris Perry (chair)
          San Francisco State University
          The Poet as Art Critic: Charles Baudelaire, William Carlos Williams, and the Formation of a Modern Aesthetic

          Daniel Manchester
          Travelling Time: Tenets of The Road Echoed in the Temporal Shifts of Contemporary American Poetry

          Amy Thrash
          San Francisco State University
          Hagar's Daughter, Or, A Tale of Passing and Plotting

Room C: Classical Crossroads

          Edmund Cueva (chair)
          University of Houston - Downtown
          The Harlem Renaissance and the Graeco-Roman Classics

          Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers
          University of Alabama
          Helen of Troy: At the Crossroads Between Ancient Patriarchy and Modern Feminism

Friday, March 9th - 2:45 to 4:00 pm

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Carin Mayo (chair)
          University of Alabama at Birmingham
          Culturomics-Should the N-gram Determine the Corpus of Literature for Educators?

          Julie Paz
          Utah Valley University
          Teaching Creativity in the Classroom

          Hui Wang
          Sun Yat-Sen University
          Didactic Changes in the Classroom for Medical Students

Room B: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Laura Gelfand (chair), Alexa Sand, Rachel Middleman, and David Wall
          Utah State University 
          The Politics and Poetics of Visual Literacy

Room C: African Crossroads

          Thokozani Khuzwayo (khuzwayot@ukzn.ac.za) (chair)
          University of KwaZulu Natal
          Handling Conflict during Apartheid: Insight from Long Walk to Freedom

          Brittany Sheldon
          Indiana University
          Living at a Cultural Crossroads: Wall Painting by Women in Northern Ghana

Cottonwood Room: Theological Crossroads

          Kimberli M. Stafford (chair)
          Utah Valley University
          Indigenous Aesthetics and Sacred Space: Figurations of Landscape in Contemporary American Indian Poetry

          Kim Abunuwara
          Utah Valley University
          Absent or Unrecognizable: Divine Representation in Modern Theatre

          Steve Hall
          Utah Valley University
          The Mystical Source and Purpose of Michael Jackson's Artistry

Friday, March 9th - 4:15 to 5:30 pm

Room A: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Kim Abunuwara (chair), Aaron Herbert, Alex Strasburg, Addyson Reynolds
          Utah Valley University
          The Value of Humanities: Student Views

Room B: Terpsichorean Crossroads

          Debra Sowell (chair)
          Southern Virginia University
          At the Crossroads of Literature and Dance: Balletic Versions of Ivanhoe in the Nineteenth Century

          Susannah Keita and Rosario Lionudakis
          Grand Canyon University
          Applications of the Dunham Technique in Jazz Dance

          Holly Handman-Lopez
          Oberlin College
          Esther Dischereit's Dülmen Holocaust Memorial: Choreographing the Invisible

Room C: Theatrical Crossroads

          Melanie Dreyer-Lude (chair)
          Cornell University
          The Psychophysics of Character Creation in Bilingual Performance

          Rita Anderson
          Texas State University
          Fusing the Postmodern and Gothic to Rebirth Sam Shephard's Buried Child as the New Frankenstein

Cottonwood Room: Middle Eastern Crossroads

          Hallie Franks (chair)
          New York University
          Sailing the Symposium: Mosaics and Metaphor at Eretria

          Kirsti Ringger
          Brigham Young University
          Understanding Differing Conceptions of The Sublime through Considering Latin West (Kantian-masculine) and Orthodox East (Phenomenological-feminine) Church Architecture and Decoration

Friday, March 9th - 7:00 pm

Plenary Session

Sheila Blair of Boston College
East Meets West in Iran Under the Mongols

Professor Blair teaches about all aspects of Islamic art from the seventh century to modern times. She offers surveys on Islamic art, architecture, and urbanism, as well as research seminars on the Silk Road, the Islamic book, and the arts of the object. Her research is equally broad: she has written or co-written 15 books, including several international award winners, and more than 200 articles in journals, encyclopedias, colloquia, and festschriften.

Several of her books were written with her husband and co-holder of the Calderwood Chair, Jonathan Bloom, with whom she served as artistic consultant to the three-hour documentary Islam: Empire of Faith, shown nationally on PBS. She is currently working on a monograph on text and image in medieval Iranian art, a two-hour documentary for PBS on the arts of Islam, and a 2013 exhibition at the McMullen Museum of Islamic art from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Reception Buffet following the lecture


Saturday, March 10th

9:00 - 10:15 am

Room A: Theoretical Crossroads in Adaptation

          Carl Sederholm (chair)
          Brigham Young University

          Jonathan Smith
          Brigham Young University
          Adaptation Theory and Frankenstein

          Inna Bell
          Brigham Young University
          The Theory of Adaptation: Adapting the Fairy Tale "Hans My Hedgehog" into a Short Film

          Jacob Lee
          Brigham Young University
          Rashomon: Adaptation as Redemptive Possibility

Room B: Edenic Crossroads

          Amy Lofgreen (chair)
          Brigham Young University

          Anna Daines
          Brigham Young University
          The Herstory of Eden: Recreating Eve Through Herland and Mormon Doctrine

          Shannon Kelly
          Brigham Young University
          Paradise Reexamined: the Redeeming Female in Adam Bede

          Rachel Davison
          Brigham Young University
          The Forbidden Fruit: Knowledge as Power and Captivity in Frankenstein

Room C: Classical Crossroads

          Roger Macfarlane (chair)
          Brigham Young University
          Retrospection: Hitchcock's treatment of Cocteau and the Orpheus Myth (Vertigo 1958)

          Keith Fairbank
          Brigham Young University
          Christopher Nolan's Orpheus: Vergil and Cocteau in Inception

          Christian Axelgard
          Brigham Young University
          Ulysses Everett McGill: An Existential Odysseus

Cottonwood Room: Art Historical Crossroads

          Heather Jensen (chair)
          Brigham Young University

          Allison Mays
          Brigham Young University
          Karl Friedrich Schinkel: The Gendering of Politics

          Breezy Taggart
          Brigham Young University
          Psychiatrics and Madness: Social Perception of the Insane Seen in Esther Bubley's Photographs

          Trenton Olsen
          Brigham Young University
          From Icon to Academy: Visual Art in the Establishment of Russian National Identity From the Pre- to Post-Petrine period

Saturday, March 10th - 10:30 to 11:45 am

Room A: Theoretical Crossroads in Adaptation

          Carl Sederholm (chair)
          Brigham Young University
          The Vexing Power of Perverseness: Approaching Heavy Metal Adaptations of Poe

          Jaime Davis
          Brigham Young University
          Peter Bogdanovich's Target: Adapting Horror for a Modern Audience

          Ruth Covington
          Brigham Young University
          "Button, Button" and "The Box": A Case study in Adaptation Theory

Room B: Pedagogical Crossroads

          Sherena Huntsman (chair)
          University of Utah
          Promoting Diversity in Composition

          Sasha Mullally
          University of New Brunswick
          Adventures in the Virtual Past: Team-Teaching Digital Humanities in the Undergraduate History Curriculum

          Elden Golden
          Union Institute and University
          Group Creativity Across Time

Room C: Theatrical Crossroads

          Rebecca Fairbank (chair)
          Brigham Young University
          Pauline Viardot: Rewriting the Performing Woman in George Sand's Consuelo

          Maggie Hoyt
          Brigham Young University
          The Necessity of Madness

          Michael Call
          Brigham Young University
          Divine Sarah in the City of the Saints: Bernhardt Plays Salt Lake

Cottonwood Room: Classical Crossroads

          Dustin Simmons (chair)
          Brigham Young University
          The Locus Amoenus as a Voice of Discontent: The Reception of Homeric Landscape in Roman Imperial Epic

          Amy Merkley
          Brigham Young University
         Going the Distance: Themes of Madness, Atonement, and the Tragic Hero in Disney's Hercules

          Andrew Wells
          Brigham Young University
          Arthur Golding and Ted Hughes: The Moralizers of Ovid's Metamorphoses

Saturday, March 10th - Closing Luncheon - 12:00 to 2:00 pm


BYU Museum of Art, Islamic art exhibit

2:00 pm
Charter bus leaves for Provo Islamic art exhibit

6:00 pm
Charter bus departs Provo for return to Marriott Hotel


For more information contact: Michael Call at michael_Call@byu.edu or Marcia Green at mgreen@sfsu.edu.









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